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Together, the Shapa scale
and app help you make
healthier choices

• Bring meaning to your health

• Eat healthier and be more active with personalized missions

Your family and friends
can help you get healthier

  • Up to 6 friends and family members can use the same Shapa scale

  • Android and iOS ready

  • Complete challenges together and share your success with each other

See the bigger picture

  • Get smarter feedback for your health with
    Shapa Color and Shapa Age
  • Sync your activity data with third party apps and fitness device

Create healthy habits that last

  • Get daily challenges based on your lifestyle, environment, and exercise preferences
  • Choose your recommended activities for the day
  • Invite friends to join your daily challenges

"More than anything, Shapa may indicate that a shift in thinking is coming to the health tracking industry: Skip the particularities and nuances of data, and focus more on telling people what it means."

Fast Company

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