We understand that some modes of therapy require active participation from parents, which could mean that along with a clinician, parents need to monitor their child’s weight.

MyClearStep Parent’s Portal together with our Premier Numberless Scale for Blind Weigh-Ins provides predictive analysis so that you can monitor your child’s progress throughout recovery in a safe, secure way. MyClearStep reduces anxiety involved in the weigh-in experience during recovery as well as the amount of time and cost spent at appointments.


How does MyClearStep work?

Your child uses the MyClearStep devices to take anxiety-free measurements at home

MyClearStep captures & analyzes the data, instantly sending it to the MyClearStep Portal

You can access the data instantly

MyClearStep improves clinical outcomes in recovery

MyClearStep Scale & Blood Pressure

  • Reduces anxiety and tension of the measurement process for both parents and children
  • Obtains a blind weight and vital diagnostic information seamlessly
  • Consistent data leads to better outcomes

Parent Portal

  • Securely receive your child’s data instantly on our HIPAA compliant portal via a web browser
  • AI to detect if a patient is attempting to manipulate their weight
  • Monitor, analyze and view your child’s progress through recovery
  • Download your child’s progress to share with their trusted care team
  • Tech Support is available if you need it, including live chat or Phone call.

* In order to have access to the parent portal, approval by MyClearStep is required. We do this for the safety and treatment of the child as recommended by our clinical advisory board.

Clinician Review

Hayley Miller,

“My clients love using the MyClearStep scale. We had issues before with finding safe ways of doing a blind weight for virtual sessions and this product makes it so easy for me and my clients. This way I can get a virtual weight without risking them seeing it or getting any kind of feedback which can ruin their days. I would highly recommend this scale!”

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