About US

MyClearStep is on a mission to improve access to care and clinical outcomes.

Our Story

MyClearStep was founded in 2020 by CEO Nati Lavi, identifying a clear gap in quality of virtual care for eating disorder recovery. With his extensive history in data and innovation, he recognized the traditional method of capturing blind weights was outdated, stressful, time consuming, and expensive for both clients and clinicians. MyClearStep launched the first HIPAA and privacy compliant numberless scale® to solve these problems early in 2020. Since the onset of COVID-19, MyClearStep has been the go-to solution for capturing blind weights and blood pressure in eating disorder treatment and continues to innovate and expand the products and services provided on the platform.

Meet Our Team

Nati Lavi

CEO & Co-founder

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Dan Ariely

Chief Behavioral Officer & Co-founder

Shelly Bar, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Clayton Key

VP of Business Development

Guy Lavi

Head of Operations

Meet our Advisory Board