Numberless Virtual Weight Monitoring for Recovery

We are the first HIPAA and privacy compliant numberless scale built for the purpose of Eating Disorder Recovery

Designed for those recovering from eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, binge eating disorder, Avoidant Restrictive Feeding Intake Disorder (ARFID), orthorexia, and other disordered eating.

Our numberless scale allows you to get the support that you need in the way that you want

• No more blind weigh-ins

• No more relying on others to capture measurements

• No more numbers

• No more anxiety

Helping to make your recovery possible

• No number or weight feedback is ever shown or accessible to you on the ClearStep app

• Provide measurements without being triggered by the number 

• Feel secure that you are always connected to your treatment team

• Our beautifully-designed scale looks great in any room

Here's how it works

No number or weight feedback

Complete a weigh-in in the app by stepping on your ClearStep numberless scale. Receive numberless, positive confirmation when the measurement is captured.

Stay connected with your care team

Through the ClearStep portal, your care team may access your measurements and use that information as part of your treatment plan.

Keep it simple and scheduled

Your care team can set up weigh-in reminders that will be delivered on your phone through the ClearStep app.

For Clinicians: Improve Clinical Outcomes

1.5 million measurements captured on the platform

Numberless and Feedback-Free

Capture your client’s measurements anxiety-free. Your client opens the ClearStep app, steps on the ClearStep numberless scale, and gets confirmation that their measurement has been captured. That’s it.

Remote and Instant

Telehealth is here to stay. Grow your practice from anywhere while providing the same level of care with our HIPAA secure weight monitoring scale. Set check-in reminders for your clients and track their progress.

We are proud to be working with practices and centers large and small to help them improve clinical outcomes and stay better connected with clients

"The Clear Step scales have been invaluable during this Covid crisis! They are reliable, accurate, and have helped with patients who need weekly weights, but don't feel comfortable coming into the office. I also have patients who live about an hour from the office who are grateful to cut down on their travel time. 

Overall, a wonderful product that solved a major problem for the dietitians at our office!"

Jenna VanVeldhuisen, MS, RD (CTED, LLC)

"Clearstep has really allowed us to consistently monitor our virtual patients and therefore giving us a lot more availability with patients, especially in the pandemic right now! I have college students using the scales because they are at home during the shut down or not feeling comfortable coming into the office. It has been super helpful!"

Emily Welles, MS, RD, CDE (CTED, LLC)