FAQ For Parents

How does it work?
Using the MyClearStep scale is easy – simply have your child/dependent open the MyClearStep app on their phone, step on the scale, and wait for confirmation that their weight has been captured. Registered parents and clinicians will have access to their measurement immediately and securely.
Can my child/dependant ever access their weights?
No, there is no way for your child/dependents to access any of their measurements through the MyClearStep app or otherwise. Only registered parents, clinicians, or team of clinicians treating the child/dependent, can access the child/dependent’s information through our HIPAA compliant portal.
Can I access my child/dependant’s weight on the portal?
You may gain access to your child/dependent’s weight on the portal, provided you receive clearance from your clinician. Please keep in mind, your child/dependent’s clinician may revoke your access at any time. Additionally, if your child is legally an adult, they must consent to providing their health data. They can do so by completing the form here.
What information and features do I have access to on the portal?
The information displayed in the portal includes the child/dependent’s weight to a hundredth of a decimal point, pounds in muscle, pounds in fat, and visceral fat level (provided that the child/dependent weighs in with bare feet) as well as date and time that they weighed in. The blood pressure device provides systolic, diastolic, and heart rate measurements.
You can also schedule day-of weigh-in reminders for your child/dependents based on when and how frequently a weigh-in should occur. Track weight history and see weigh-in data in real time. Generate on-demand reports for weight history. Send push notifications to your child/dependent through the app.
When you register as a parent with MyClearStep, you receive a custom 4-digit code that you’ll need to share with your child/dependent. After your child/dependent purchases the MyClearStep scale and downloads the app, they will use that code to automatically be connected to your group on the portal.
Yes, your child/dependent can link with all of their treatment providers. There is no limit on the number of providers a child/dependent has access to and can have their account linked with. Once your child/dependent links with all members of the team, everyone will be on the same page.
Yes, when you link with a child/dependent, all of their historical data will be visible to you.
What support is available to me?
The MyClearStep team makes it their mission to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless experience with our product. The support team is available during normal business hours via email. Live video demo and onboarding training available if desired.
What is the weight limit for the MyClearStep scale?
The weight limit for the MyClearStep scale is 396 lbs (180 kgs).
Can I use my HSA or FSA account?
Yes. You can use either an HSA or FSA account to purchase the MyClearStep scale. If you need an HRA/FSA Letter of Medical Necessity, you can obtain one here.
Can I apply for financial aid?
If you are facing financial challenges, fill out this form to check your eligibility for a reduced fee.
How do I reset my admin account password?
To reset your password, simply click here.
How to calibrate the scale?

Watch the video below to learn how to calibrate your scale: