Recovery is difficult and obtaining blind weigh-ins can be anxiety-provoking, costly, and time-consuming. For the first time, you now have the ability for your care team to monitor your progress virtually without any feedback while being in the comfort of your own home.

secured measurements captured on the platform

How does MyClearStep work?

Client uses the MyClearStep devices to take anxiety-free measurements at home

MyClearStep captures & analyzes the data, instantly sending it to the MyClearStep Portal

Clinicians access the data and make decisions on modifying the treatment plan

MyClearStep leads to improved clinical outcomes in recovery

MyClearStep Scale

  • Displayless scale completely numberless for an anxiety free weigh-in experience
  • HIPAA and privacy compliant for secure data storage
  • Instantaneous transfer to your care team
  • Tech Support is available if you need it, including live chat or Phone call
  • Scale Lifetime Warranty( for as long as you’re a customer)

MyClearStep Blood Pressure

  • Captures systolic, diastolic, and resting for traditional and orthostatic measurements
  • Measurements seamlessly and instantly provided to your care team via the mobile app
  • Provides your clinician with the additional information needed to create the optimal recovery plan

Clinician Review

Beth Harrell, MS,

“MyClearStep has been a game changer in my practice. I can serve clients who need telehealth, as well as for those who need weight oversight (yet who also needed a blind weight to decrease hyperfocus on numbers) during certain phases of eating disorders treatment. The clinician portal is user-friendly, complete, and private.”


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