The Premier Numberless Scale® for Blind Weigh-Ins​

Experience the first truly numberless approach to capturing weight for athletes without the stress, anxiety, and stigma of weight that can lead to body dysmorphia and eating disorders. 

How does MyClearStep work?

Dietitians and Athletic Trainers use the MyClearStep numberless scale to capture blind weigh-ins for athletes

MyClearStep captures & analyzes the data, instantly sending it to the MyClearStep Portal

Dietitians and Athletic Trainers access the data and utilize to formulate dietary and hydration recommendations

Athletes reduce risks associated with weight stigma and achieve peak performance 

MyClearStep Numberless Scale®

Numberless scale for blind weigh-ins
  • Display-free, numberless scale allows athletes to step on without the stress and anxiety of seeing their weight
  • Accurately measures athletes up to 396 lbs
  • Connects via bluetooth to an Admin tablet or mobile device sending and storing data securely with HIPAA compliant Admin App and Portal

MyClearstep Admin App

  • 2-factor authentication and secure login for each Dietitian and Athletic Trainer registered as a MyClearStep Admin
  • Seamlessly capture and review measurements with any MyClearStep device
  • Generate new athlete profiles in a matter of seconds

Testimonials from colleges

“I am committed to creating a healthy and supportive environment for all of our athletes. Myclearstep has been an essential part of our efforts to promote body positivity and prevent eating disorders among our athletes. By providing blind weigh-ins and education on healthy eating habits, Myclearstep is helping our athletes achieve their full potential, both on and off the field.”

-Athletic director

What's Next?

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There are 3 steps to register and get started:

  1. Determine the number of Admins needed. This will be the number of RDs and/or Athletic Trainers capturing and reviewing measurements. There’s a one time fee for each admin, but registered as a group reduces the price. 
  2. Determine the number of scales needed for your program. It is recommended to have a scale for each site you’ll be measuring athletes to reduce the need for transportation. 
  3. Determine the number of athletes. An active membership is required to capture measurement and can be altered on a monthly basis based on the number of athletes you need to support. 

We are happy to setup a brief call to learn more about your program needs and help you determine if MyClearStep is the right solution to help your athletes achieve optimal outcomes. Simply click the “Book an info session” button below to setup a brief 30 min call with an Account Manager. 

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