Discovery Clients

MyClearStep is a virtual solution for eating disorder recovery enhancing the experience of capturing health data and seamlessly getting it to the recovery team. Our product consists of a numberless scale, blood pressure cuff and mobile app. Our numberless scale provides an anxiety free blind weigh-in experience for clients with our blood pressure cuff creating the ability to capture both traditional and orthostatic measurements. All measurements captured through the MyClearStep app are instantly and seamlessly transferred to the HIPAA secure MyClearStep portal for clinicians to access. 


The MyClearStep bundle includes a numberless scale, blood pressure cuff, and access to the MyClearStep app so that you can seamlessly capture measurements via bluetooth.

The normal bundle cost is $174 and there’s a $6.99 monthly membership cost per client, but as a Discovery client you receive as $64 discount off the bundle as a part of the partnership with MyClearStep. To purchase, simply click the button below where the promotion is automatically applied.

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