Virtual Care

Stepping on a traditional scale can be a triggering experience filled with fear, anxiety, and harm for your clients. This can make capturing measurements for remote clients both difficult and at times costly if they need to seek out a primary care appointment. MyClearStep is the only blind weigh-in scale that makes capturing weight anxiety-free for your remote clients, while instantly giving you access to data through our HIPAA-compliant portal.

MyClearStep is a display-free numberless scale that pairs with a mobile app for your client to capture measurements without ever seeing your weight. Data is then accessed through the MyClearStep portal by you and additional members of the care team.

How does MyClearStep work?

Client uses the MyClearStep devices to take anxiety-free measurements at home

MyClearStep captures & analyzes the data with our AI , instantly sending it to the MyClearStep Portal

Clinicians access the data and make decisions on modifying the treatment plan

MyClearStep leads to improved clinical outcomes in recovery

Virtual Care

MyClearStep is the only HIPAA compliant solution that uses a completely numberless scale and no feedback to the client while instantly sending data to the clinician admin portal to seamlessly access. To get started using MyClearStep for virtual care, simply purchase the one time admin registration fee to gain access to the MyClearStep admin portal for life and refer your clients to our webiste for them to purchase their at home scale and membership.

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MyClearStep Scale

  • Anxiety-free way to obtain a blind weight in a consistent environment using the same scale each time
  • Focus on maintaining the nutrition philosophy of behaviors as the focus, instead of weight
  • All data is protected in a highly secure environment that meets all regulations for handling Protected Health Information (PHI,HIPAA)
  • Anxiety-free and consistent approach to obtaining a blind weight
  • Focus on the nutrition philosophy of behavior, instead of weight
  • Decrease obstacles in obtaining data for the clinical team and loved ones

MyClearStep Blood Pressure

  • Captures systolic, diastolic, and resting heart rate for traditional and orthostatic measurements
  • Clients provide measurements seamlessly and instantly through their MyClearStep mobile app
  • Clinicians access the blood pressure measurements through the Clinician Portal on a web browser
  • Captures systolic, diastolic, and resting heart rate measurements
  • Seamless and instant access to client’s measurements through their app
  • Clinicians  access measurements through the Clinician Portal on a web browser

Clinician Portal

  • Quick and easy way to get necessary data to make informed treatment decisions
  • Create customized weigh-in alerts and view weight trends for clients
  • Support for multiple clinicians within a practice to manage clients
  • Quick and easy to get necessary data to make informed treatment decisions
  • Create customized weigh-in alerts  and view weight trends for clients
  • Supports multiple clinicians within a practice to manage clients

What do our clinicians say?

Clinician Reviews

Robyn Goldberg RDN, CEDRD-S

“MyClearStep is a must-have for all private practice eating disorder providers. Even if you are not an eating disorder provider, having a numberless scale will lessen the anxiety of your patients and help reduce the messages through diet culture. I would highly recommend to parents, caregivers and providers.”

Beth Harrell MS, RD, LD, CEDRD-S

“MyClearStep has been a game changer in my practice. I can serve clients who need telehealth, as well as for those who need weight oversight (yet who also needed a blind weight to decrease hyperfocus on numbers) during certain phases of eating disorders treatment. The clinician portal is user-friendly, complete, and private.”

Hayley Miller LPCC, RD, CDN

“My clients love using the MyClearStep scale. We had issues before with finding safe ways of doing a blind weight for virtual sessions and this product makes it so easy for me and my clients. This way I can get a virtual weight without risking them seeing it or getting any kind of feedback which can ruin their days. I would highly recommend this scale!”

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