Eating Disorder Awareness Weeks 2023

Eating Disorder Awareness Week; NEDIC

February 1-7, 2023

The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) provides information, resources, referrals and support to Canadians affected by eating disorders. Every year, NEDIC hosts an Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW), Their theme for #EDAW2023 is “Transforming the Narrative from Asks to Action.”

EDAW is a collective effort, from coast-to-coast to coast. Organizations around the country are set to host local events, notable light landmarks in the colour purple, and engage in public education campaigns.

Learn more about Eating Disorder Awareness Week by NEDIC here.

National Eating Disorder Associations Week; NEDA

February 20-26, 2023

NEDA is an initiative hosted by The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to promote awareness of eating disorders and spread hope for those in recovery and their families. 

The NEDA Week is an initiative taken by a non-profit organization called the National Eating Disorders Association, which is devoted to preventing eating disorders, increasing awareness of the dangers, and providing resources to those in need. This week, healthcare providers, eating disorder professionals, social workers, and individuals educate others about this mental health issue.

Learn more about National Eating Disorder Associations Week by NEDA here. 

Eating Disorder Awareness Week; BEAT

February 27 – March 5, 2023

Based in the UK, BEAT hosts Eating Disorder Awareness Week each year – each with a different theme. This year they are focusing on eating disorders in men.

BEAT wants to eliminate the stereotypes that prevent men from speaking up. Their goal is to #HelpMenGetHelp. BEAT us using EDAW 2023 to shine a light on the different experiences men face – and how we, as a community, can create a safe space for men to turn to for support towards recovery.

Learn more about Eating Disorder Awareness Week by BEAT here.

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