Breaking Barriers, Facilitating Futures: National Eating Disorder Week 2024

National Eating Disorder Week (EDAW) 2024 is upon us, and this year’s theme, “Breaking Barriers, Facilitating Futures,” sheds light on the often overlooked challenges individuals face when seeking care for eating disorders. Hosted by the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) in Canada, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the barriers hindering access to proper care and emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing these challenges. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of this year’s theme and explore the efforts to promote education, dialogue, and improved healthcare outcomes for those affected by eating disorders.

Understanding the Theme

The theme, “Breaking Barriers, Facilitating Futures,” underscores the need to recognize and overcome the barriers preventing individuals from accessing adequate care for eating disorders. These barriers contribute to the perpetuation of shame and struggle, hindering the path to recovery. By drawing attention to these under-recognized challenges, the campaign aims to inform care providers and healthcare systems, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in treating eating disorders.

Barriers to Care

One of the primary barriers highlighted in this year’s campaign is the stigma associated with eating disorders. Societal misconceptions and judgments often lead individuals to hide their struggles, fearing the negative reactions they might face. This secrecy can prevent timely intervention and exacerbate the physical and psychological toll of the disorder. EDAW 2024 encourages open conversations to break down these stigmas, creating an environment where seeking help is seen as a courageous step toward healing.

Another significant barrier is the lack of awareness among healthcare providers about the diverse experiences of individuals with eating disorders. The campaign recognizes the need for education within the healthcare community to ensure that care providers are equipped to offer sensitive, informed, and effective support. By sharing the lived experiences of those affected, EDAW 2024 aims to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients, fostering empathy and understanding.

Strategies for Breaking Barriers

The heart of this year’s campaign lies in offering strategies derived from lived experiences to facilitate dialogue, healthcare practice, and outcomes that meet the unique needs of all individuals affected by eating disorders. By sharing personal stories and insights, the campaign seeks to humanize the struggles associated with these disorders, making it easier for individuals to relate to one another and for healthcare providers to tailor their approaches accordingly.

Education plays a pivotal role in breaking barriers, and EDAW 2024 provides a wealth of educational materials aimed at enlightening care providers, healthcare systems, and the general public. These materials not only highlight the challenges faced by those with eating disorders but also offer practical strategies to enhance awareness and support. By disseminating accurate information, the campaign aims to dismantle misconceptions and create a more compassionate and informed society.

Click here to download materials for people with lived and living experiences of an eating disorder, those supporting them, and the general public.

Click here to download materials for healthcare providers and healthcare decision-makers. 

Facilitating Future Dialogue

Open and empathetic dialogue is essential for overcoming the barriers surrounding eating disorders. EDAW 2024 encourages individuals to share their experiences, fostering a sense of community and solidarity. By creating spaces for open conversations, the campaign aims to reduce the isolation often felt by those with eating disorders and their loved ones. This sense of connection can be a powerful catalyst for breaking down barriers and promoting understanding.

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Healthcare Practice and Outcomes

Improving healthcare practice is central to the campaign’s goal of breaking barriers. EDAW 2024 advocates for a patient-centred approach that recognizes the diversity of experiences within the spectrum of eating disorders. By incorporating strategies and insights from those who have lived through these challenges, healthcare providers can tailor their interventions to better meet the individual needs of each patient.

Additionally, the campaign calls for a systemic change within healthcare systems to address the barriers to care. This includes increased training for healthcare professionals, the implementation of more inclusive and accessible services, and the integration of mental health support into overall healthcare practices. By advocating for these changes, EDAW 2024 aims to pave the way for improved outcomes and a more compassionate healthcare landscape for individuals with eating disorders.


National Eating Disorder Week 2024’s theme, “Breaking Barriers, Facilitating Futures,” is a call to action for individuals, care providers, and healthcare systems alike. By shedding light on the under-recognized challenges hindering access to care, the campaign aims to create a more supportive and informed environment for those affected by eating disorders. Through education, dialogue, and a commitment to breaking down stigma, EDAW 2024 aspires to facilitate a future where everyone, regardless of their journey with an eating disorder, can receive the care and understanding they deserve.

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