Clinician Spotlight Featuring Carly Marenna

  • What is your current job title? Founder, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • What are your current educational credentials? Master of Healthcare Administration, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with CDR
  • What inspired you to become a clinician in the field of eating disorder treatment? I’ve always been a dietitian, and as someone always interested in both psych and science, exploring ED care just made sense. Also, we all tend to “have someone who” if it isn’t us ourselves. In my case, my practice is now named after a dear childhood friend of mine who experienced an eating disorder — and whose extraordinary character lends itself as inspiration to others as they follow suit with her in the pursuit of healing.
  • Tell us about your journey as a clinician from your first role to your current role.I have a long history working in schools, child crisis centers, & women’s shelter food & allergy management. I started working in outpatient eating disorder treatment centers to branch out and felt immediate interest to both the psych and physiology intricacies of this specialty. After working for an outpatient center for some time, I decided to pursue private practice & founded June Nutrition Therapy, Inc.
  • What is your proudest moment as an eating disorder clinician? Compassion! Compassion for self. Grace for self. Kindness to self. Moving regardless of fear or what-ifs. Taking the step to reach out for care even if you’re not fully ready, but because you know it’s the right thing. You’re your own best advocate, friend, and confidant. That gets very muddled with eating disorders, and making the decision to enter care is often scary but needed.
  • What do you or your clients love most about MyClearStep? How easy it’s made the transition to moving away from my office for college, a new apartment, or any other life event! It’s helped families feel at ease moving their (now adult!) child into college or apartments, knowing the adult child is set up for comprehensive care once they move into being 18+. Parents have to trust their care is handled just as nicely as when they were able to provide pediatric coordination & oversight. MyClearStep certainly helps with that.
  • What has changed since adding MyClearStep to your practice? Being able to keep care with those in weight restoration or monitoring from farther away from an office setting has been important for continuum of care across life events. It’s also interesting to see clients take their weight monitoring into their own hands out of an office setting in order to meet their goal of attending college or moving towns. They have to order the equipment, download the app & ensure the weight is taken & sent to me before their session time. An interesting way for them to feel empowered in coordinating care on their terms.
  • What advice would you give to those considering a career in eating disorder treatment? I have grown more as a person meeting the routinely empathetic, kind, thoughtful & creative clients in ED treatment than I could have imagined. I’ve laughed, cried, celebrated, & grieved with these families and I adore seeing the fullness of life achieved in recovery. This “job” is a joy and if you have the heart for it, jump in! There’s never enough providers in specialty areas. Your specific voice is needed. We could use ya 🙂
  • What are some of your passions and hobbies outside of work? Swimming! Walking my dog – hopefully off leash. Leisurely lunch with the girlfriends. Croissants and coffee. Reading and the art of comedy.
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