MyClearStep for Admins: The New Standard and #1 Solution for Capturing Blind Weigh-Ins in Person

At MyClearStep, we believe in making blind weigh-ins the new standard for capturing measurements in person. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the new MyClearStep for Admins app designed specifically for clinicians to bring blind weigh-ins to hospitals, clinics, and athletic facilities around the world. This revolutionary new system allows you to seamlessly capture blind weigh-ins utilizing a display free, numberless scale that pairs with a mobile app to remove anxiety and stress, while improving experience and outcomes for both you and your clients.

Numberless scale for blind weigh-ins

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the MyClearStep for Admins app made for?

The app is specifically designed for Doctors, Registered Dietitians, Therapists, Nurses, Athletic Trainers, and other clinical experts that currently capture the weight of their patients or clients in person.

What is a blind weigh-in?

A blind weigh-in is a method of measuring weight where the individual being weighed does not see, hear, or know their actual weight. Often this involves stepping on a scale backwards while a secondary person records the measurement. MyClearStep uses a display free, numberless scale to completely eliminate the hassle and stress of traditional blind weigh-ins.

Who could benefit from blind weigh-ins?

Individuals that experience stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, or other emotions when thinking about or knowing their weight can benefit from blind weigh-ins. Blind weigh-ins have been found to have a 32% reduction in anxiety and 13% increase in treatment satisfaction.

How does the MyClearStep for Admins app work?

Admins login using their MyClearStep username and password. Once logged in, simply review the your roster and tap the scale icon to take a weight measurement. Have your client step on MyClearStep’s display-free numberless scale and within seconds the blind weigh-in measurement is captured. New client accounts can be created in the app within seconds. Admins also have the ability to capture blood pressure measurements with the MyClearStep blood pressure cuff.

What are the costs associated with bringing MyClearStep into my facility?

Costs vary depending on the number of admins, scales, and clients. Book a demo to learn more about MyClearStep and receive a quote for your specific use case: Book Now.

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